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What you are asking is to sequence the pattern changes when using Run rather than Play. This is already possible by adding a matrix and combinator (as alluded to earlier), although admittedly little clunky.

For example (one option):
Wire Matrix Note CV -> Combinator CV1
Program Combinator CV 1 -> Redrum Pattern
Notes in the matrix can now be sequenced to change pattern and obviously running at the matrix at 1/2 gives you a fair number of steps to play with. (You will need to play with the CV1 input level and/or the pattern send Min & Max along with which notes you fire off in the matrix to get the patterns you desire)
You can now use the Run Pattern Devices button on the combinator to kick it all off.

It is then possible to extend this further to allow you to change between matrix patterns in order to alter the sequences being run and hence drive different chains of redrum patterns.

A more 'live' based pattern sequencer would be great as an RE to aid with this sort of thing though.

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