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HELP! Which keyboard/MIDI controller to dispose?

Hi Guys! Need help on which keyboard/MIDI controller to dispose off.
I have the following:

1) M-Audio Axiom 25 2nd Gen
2) Line 6 Toneport KB37
3) M-Audio Ozonic

I definitely would keep the Axiom 25. So I'm choosing between the KB37 & Ozonic.

Would like to ask recommendation also on what should I get as an additional equipment in my setup...

Any recommendations guys? Thanks in advance!

Current setup:
Reason 6.5
iMac 21" (Late 2009) Core 2 3Ghz CPU 8GB Ram
Presonus Firestudio Mobile
Kurzweil Monitor Spkrs
Audio-Technica ATH M30
Studio Projects B1
Shure SM57 & SM58