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Originally Posted by tomriv View Post
Looks great - but to be honest im worried about the way its going.. Shouldnt this sort of thing come as free as part of Reason? I believe other DAWs have this sort of thing as standard.

I might be wrong - not taking anything away from this as agree it looks good, but I do wonder if we will ever get any free stuff with upgrades ever again or if Reason 7 will just be slightly improved architecture and any new instruments, fx, tools you have to pay for. If thats the case being a Reason user will get very expensive!
This sort of thing DOES come free with Reason IMO, which is something that not even Pro Tools offers. It's one of the more impressive features of Reason's metering IMO, and I use it ALL the time when mixing.

Have you tried using the Big Meter in VU + Peak mode to judge 'loudness' based on the Crest Factor (the difference between the Peak level and the VU/Average level)? Un-compressed (quieter) mixes will have higher Crest Factors, usually between 15 and 20 dB (or more) or so. Compressed mixes will register 10-15 dB or so, and mixes with a Crest Factor lower than 10 dB are going to sound VERY compressed (although these exact numbers are subjective). :-)
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