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Exclamation Yamaha HS80Ms vs M-Audio Bx5s. Sine sweep results near the same

My buddy from Church let me borrow his Yamaha HS80Ms because he wasn't using them. I figured I'd run some sine sweeps measurements in Room Eq Wizard (with a calibrated rta mic) to see if there would be a difference between my speakers and his. The only place I saw a real change is above 1hz. You can see (I attached the results) that room modes play a big part in any room. I would tell anyone who was interested in buying studio monitors (or just upgrading) to first look into the controlling the acoustics first. Keep in mind that I have alot of acoustic treatment up in my studio (I need to buy more bass traps as you can see in the results). My studio is in a small room so that's why I think I'm having a bass issue.

This is how I set the levels up with pink noise ( I ran so many sweeps with the Yamahas messing with the settings (room control boost/cut, mids boost/cut, low cut, highs boost/cut) trying to see if could get a better result than the M-Audios).

M-Audio Bx5s at 85db and the M-Audio Bx10 at 95db with the crossover at 80hz.
Yamaha HS80Ms at 85db and the M-Audio Bx10 at 85db with the crossover at 55hz.Also had a -4db on the room control switch (500hz cut) on the Yamahas.

I spent 200$ on both Bx5s first generation (on sale at Guitar Center to make room for the 2nd gen) and the Yamaha HS80Ms run 349.99$ each (on I think my 200$ for both speakers are well worth the price. I really need to invest in some bass traps.

I remember seeing a while back a thread asking what studio monitors do you use and lots of people talking about how they wanted to upgrade to new speakers. People please before you upgrade start thinking about how your acoustics are in your room. This could save you alot of time and money trying to have mixes that "translate" outside of your studio.

I know where my problems are at and know what I must do to help fix my acoustics. Buying a new set of speakers aren't going to help me one bit. I have serious room modes that are effecting my bass range. I gotta start saving up for bass traps.
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