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Video Rack Extension?

I do a lot of music to video. I have to do this 3-way dance between Reason, Garageband and Final Cut Express. The other way of doing it is through Logic instead of Garageband... which doesn't reduce the CPU overhead of STILL requiring another RAM-hogging app open to sync video to Reason thru ReWire.

Does anyone know a developer that has the cajones to develop a RE that can take on a video and sync ReWire to SMPTE? I figure it would work like this:

1) The RE is loaded in Reason.
2) The RE allows you to import a video in some popular format through drag n' drop or Import dialog.
3) The RE would process the import, analysing the video's frames per second and/or making an optimised, low-res version of it for in-app playback.
4) As the position in the timeline changes, so the relevant video frame is displayed in the RE.

Possible 'features':

Lock SMPTE 00:00:00:00 to any Reason time position.
Track/Don't Track Tempo.
Display Time Code/Song Position/Frame number.
Back of the RE has Audio Out and Time Code Audio Out with CV and Gate inputs for audio.