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Originally Posted by nicolai View Post
I want to try out the latest version (6.5) without de-installing my current version (Reason 4). I suppose it's not a problem but I want to make sure that I won't be in for any surprises. Thank you for your help.
Shouldn't pose any problems.

I've recently did this myself (not longer than a month ago) and it just worked without trouble. Because of the differences in copy protection I could even relatively easy switch back and forth.

As another poster already said; do keep the mixed preferences in mind. For me it posed no problem because my Reason always loads a specific Song which I have fully optimized for daily usage (which in my case means rewired into Live) but I could imagine that this could pose some issues.

Even so; I never encountered any.

Beware though... Chances are quite high that you'll never want to go back again and grab your creditcard before you even realize it. I'm biased, sure, but approx. $150,- is IMVHO a bargain because us Reason 4 users not only get a Reason upgrade, we get the Record part as well.

One word of advice... Don't let it overwhelm you! I'm not saying that; if you take a first look at the new mixer section then I'm pretty sure you will feel overwhelmed, esp. if you are very familiar with the 14:2 mixer.

Also keep well in mind that even if you do feel overwhelmed and are not really sure about all that new stuff you can always use your old workflow in Reason 6. Meaning; disconnect the master device from the hardware device, fold it, add a 14:2 and simply add your new devices directly under the 14:2 for auto connections or connect them manually.

All the advantages which 6.5 has to offer (extended racks are really usefull!) but without the overwhelming aspects such as the new mixer section.

Just saying.. Though I do want to stress out that IMVHO it really pays off to spend time with the new mixer and to learn it. Just don't try to take on too much at once.

Hope this can help too!
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