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Originally Posted by djphathead View Post
I would tell anyone who was interested in buying studio monitors (or just upgrading) to first look into the controlling the acoustics first.
That is generally true. I've just begun measuring my room with REW, and even with fairly good speakers and some treatment already there, my mix position has peaks that are 40dB(!) above the deepest pits (my time domain seems to look fairly good though, I think). Even if I could blame half of it on various error sources, it's fairly obvious that flatter speakers wouldn't really help here, while better room treatment and some eq (where possible) probably would.

In the name of fairness, though, I currently did upgrade my monitors and it did help quite a lot, but rather beacuse they new ones are better *suited* for my needs than "better" in a salesperson sense. Basically they're smaller and has less self-noise. That allows me to have them properly set up a lot closer to me than the old ones, which in turn improves the ratio between direct sound from the speakers and reflections from the room.