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Originally Posted by EspenB View Post
I usually make rap/trap beats, and i'm trying to make chords using horns. I'm having trouble finding horn sounds with any punch. Maybe it has something to do with my experience as a producer.

Any refills or tips for better horn sounds?
Factory Sound Bank,

NNXT OctaBrass

This is probably the closest sound to that style of music. It is actually a pretty phat Brass as well.

Also the ID8 Brass sounds can be pretty decent too at times.

It looks like you already know about Soundfonts (and thanks for the links you sent), which is another easy way to get these types of sounds into Reason.

Some good refills though to check out:

1. British Brass Multisamples. Pretty old refill but it has some decent Brass.

2. Salazar Brothers Reggaton. One Combinator Brass patch that is phat. It also shows you the power of the Factory Soundbank. They just took a lot of the Factory Brass patches and layered them with effects.

3. Korg Triton Refill by Neosounds. If you can find the refill get it. The Korg Triton had some great brass patches many producers use for Brass.

4. Roland Fantom Facsimile refill by Neosounds. Roland Fantom is another source for good brass.

5. Yamaha Motif refill. Motif is another good source but a good quality refill such as how the Neosounds folks did it is hard to come by.

6. ModernBeats Brass library. Pretty cheap but nice sounds. Only gripes are sounds are not looped.

7. There are two Rap refills made by various companies that specilize in more modern phat sounds. One is Hip Hop Composer. It had a couple of nice brass sounds. I caught it on sale for $100 at Another hip hop refill made by someone on this site a few weeks ago had some good brass sounds.

Usually you will eventually find what you need in Reason via Factory, Refill, or Soundfont if you look hard enough or ask around.