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Originally Posted by rlubeck View Post
Very well-produced album with all tracks being of a consistent level of quality I haven't seen that often here yet.

Not neccesarily a big fan of your singing per se, but that could be blamed on my personal taste and preferences, I'm sure others will disagree.
Some tracks especially are awesomely programmed, like the instrumental soloparts on "Master".

Great stuff here Francis
Originally Posted by carlgrace View Post
This is very very good... I'm streaming the album now. Since you have a bachelor's in music, I assume you must be in poverty ;-) so I'm going to make a contribution when I download your album later.

I quite like your singing style, because it's unique. Your whole music style is your own, and there's a coherence throughout the album, it doesn't sound like a Depeche Mode pastiche like so many synthpop bands... so far I like Release Me the best probably.

I also listened to your cover of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence. You must have balls of steel to cover such a classic. :-) I must say, however, that yours is the best cover of that song I have ever heard. You really took it new places and I commend you for that.

Good work, and hope to see you around the forum! We need more people who write synthpop music! It feels awfully lonely around here sometimes.... ;-)

Thank you both for your kind comments! It's appreciated!

I hope some more people will enjoy my's done for the right reasons!