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Enhanced "Live" capabilities

Hey guys,
I used Reason for another live show this weekend and it all went well. I program the NNXT with sound effects for theatre and use it that way triggering from a well labeled MIDI controller. I realize that Reason is already used as a live performance instrument and in my case a glorified sound effects sampler however I am wondering if the live aspect of Reason is one of the areas that should be enhanced. Instead of programming a combinator with all of my instruments and effects within it, I would be interested in performing live shows via the sequencer to a larger extent. I hate to compare because I know that they are different beasts however, has anyone else ever thought that a sequencer screen more similar to that of Live with sample fill quadrants might be nice? Maybe we could assign the tracks within a block to a vertical line of quadrants to be controlled with on/off switches.
Just a thought..