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Tales from the realm of post-production

I have some experience with another loudness meter, and I hope that this Flower Audio tool proves as useful too.

For video projects on the web / TV commercials, I use the Waves Loudness Meter (WLM, debut product Jan 2012) in ProTools to conform to broadcast standards.

The web is the "Wild West" and has no generally accepted standards for loudness.
It is hoped that adoption of these broadcast standards will go a long way in combating the loudness war, especially on the web (YouTube).

Here it is in 60 seconds, faster than I can explain it <recognize this guy's voice?>:

An additional useful feature, not shown in the video, is found on page -9- of the WLM manual, the plugin draws in the automation lane an indication of where the overs / unders happen so you can make adjustments and reset the meter for another pass.

WLM manual as a pdf (27 easy to follow pages that also explain the weightings):

At $20.00, the Flower Audio price puts a good tool within reach of many, and raises awareness... let's all do our part to reduce ear fatigue .

The WLM has normal price of $400.00, was on sale in July for $200.00.

Compare that with to the "Dolby Media Meter 2" plugin at $800.00

... or the "Dolby Hardware LM100" $3200.00.
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