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this is so annoying! i thought the ignition key is designed to keep duplicating Reason on other computers. i got a new computer and it does not have a disk drive. so i had to go online to download my software. thats ok cause my licence is registered on my account so it was easy. but once i popped my key in it said i had 3 options to run on demo mode or register online or rigister and authorize now. so i clicked register online and i entered my information user name and password and all that. and it says my ignition key wasnt authorized. this is really irritating can somebody help me
Also, if you're using a PC running Windows, temporarily set Internet Explorer as your default browser and go into Internet Options. On the Security tab disable Protected Mode and set the security slider as low as it can go. Then try putting the license on your key. That cleared up my authorization problem, perhaps it'll work for you. Just remember to set everything back afterwards.