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Originally Posted by dakotapotts View Post
Well, it's got the Reason Logo branded on the top, so I assume it came with Reason and not Pro Tools.

However, it does keep asking me for the disk that came with it. Don't have it from my friend.

At this point, I think my best option is honestly to run two signals from my instruments: One to a monitor (usually my bass amp) and one into the Toneport to record into Reaper.

I still would like to know if Reason can record "real" instruments or just electronic.

wait I just remember that I buyed a m-audio usb m-box and you got to instal protools and then also the drivers to work ! no pro tools, no work that is stupid because you can run it on other daw once it is instaled !
ps : a long time ago I uninstal pro tools but my m-audio still run fine !

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