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nice to hear an actual guitar around here! At least you made it sound real enough if not! Cool the way that the drums kick in but the mix is a little muddy overall. not enough dynamic punch. When the synth arpegio kicks in, you need the mix to be a bit cleaner if it is going to have the punch you probably want. Gating some of the parts might be the trick. Cool shit around 140 with the synth arpegio and the sweeping sounds. With a better mix this could be a real "head bopper" The GTR sound starts to be a bit repetitive but you save us around 240 by dropping it out. Wicked kick sound around 3min. big and fat. The piano sound is kinda cheesy when heard against the hard drums and gtr sounds. A little too loud in the mix too. I'd say lose the piano and change it it up with a more aggressive sound source. Cool track though..