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Originally Posted by juno106user View Post
Like anything with samples! Not sure if the record clicks are added or on the original sample but cool sounding none the less. nice, simple bass line. the next timbre is a little unimpressive. Monophonice key/clarinet thing.. not sure. your percussion, claps and snaps need to be more dynamic. Maybe you've compressed them too hard. Over all it's a good sound and you're onto something.. Now add some rap vocals and you are officially a gangster!
Thanks for listening and great input!

It wasn't actually a sample. It's a soundfont keyboard made from old soul, jazz, funk chords, thus the vinyl. Funny you mentioned the baseline, another listener in a different forum wanted me to change it. But I told him I wanted something simple and gritty, as opposed to the cliche Neo Soul sound. So I used what was a drum and bass baseline from Reason.

When you say the next timbre what are you referring too exactly? there's two synths.

What do you mean by more dynamic as well? layer them? EQ them differently? I did add the compressor at the end tho.

Again… thanks for the feedback.

This is why I think most of us post here, to get an objective evaluation of our work. I don't know much about mixing, frequencies, dynamics, so it only helps me to get this sort of critique. I think we all need it to learn and grow.