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e-Drums pads going to out-of-order locations in software. Can I re-map?


I have a, Alesis DM6 that I am using with Reason. Everything works fine, but Reason takes the 9 signals from the DM6 module, and sorta puts them in inconvenient locations in regards to how the units like Redrum or Kong interpret them.

That's a really confusing statement. What I mean, is that when plugged in and having Reason set to the Kong unit, it is a 4x4 grid of 16 sounds. Reason maps the DM6 pads to just random pads. So the bass drum is down on pad 1, but then the snare is up on pad 13, and the first tom is pad 4, etc etc.

This being the case, I can't just use a Reason drum kit by default since the DM6 drums and the expected pads don't line up, I have to go and set the pads to be the corresponding type of drum... which means the bass is on 1, the snare is on 13, the crash is on 8, the ride is on 4, etc etc. So each kit I want to use, I have to re order the samples.

Is there any way around this? Can Reason be edited? Can I choose the mapping from drum module -> software so that at least Reason natively interprets them in a logical order?