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Dedicated Brass RE

A while back when forum members were posting up about what Refills they'd like to see from the Pheads, I spoke up about really wanting to see a solid, realistic, brass refill, with lots of different mic'ing and sound options, with various saxes (alto, tenor, bari), horns (trumpet, trombone, french horn), etc.

This was pre-RE times, and now that RE's are a reality, I for one would definitely like to see a brass RE, maybe by the Pheads themselves. Maybe something similar to the Radical Piano but for brass.

There are some ok horn patches out there (and lots of cheesy sounding ones), but it's just one of those things that I feel is so hard to get sounding right in the world of computer music. I usually have to do a fair amount of effecting to get horn patches sounding the way I want them, and hopefully a dedicated brass RE would aid with.