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Originally Posted by baybomber View Post
I'm posting here hoping someone at propellerhead can tell me if you plan on doing more with figure. I love the app I've made simple jams on my ipad with it but it would be nice to be able to expand these little jams with Reason. I'm wondering if you plan on 1.) Adding Midi to figure. 2.) Expand the soundset to Figure. 3.) Being able to interchange various sounds within a song in figure "example" Want to use the Kick drum from drum kit Northeast instead of using the kick drum from drum kit Studio. 4.) Being able to record and save tonality changes within your song.

There is a lot more I like to know about Figure maybe you create a more in depth page about the app.

Figure is clearly the best app of the year at apple itunes app store.
Great suggestions right there. I'd definitely love to be able to mix and match different drum kit sounds as well.

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