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Thumbs down Why did i buy record?????!!!!!*$

This is the first time making a comment for Propellerheads to see, but I've been upset from this since Reason 6 was first announced it will have audio import AND the new mixer! I've been buying Reason since 2.5 and upgrading ever since, buying other add on products along the way. Not a single person I know using Reason buy's it, and looks down on me with sentiments "just crack it," "just download it bro," "why would you buy it," and I would reply with "because I want Propellerheads to keep making better versions. This reply was valid enough for anyone who used non-purchased installs, and a few people I did talk to ended up buying a copy too. Record comes out, has all this extra stuff, audio import, chop/stretch/edit audio, and I'm the only person who can do this because I only had to buy a little upgrade, perfect. I refuse to buy any Propellerheads products now, I got on a rant anytime anyone brings up Reason in conversation because I felt screwed, I was a sucker for buying Record, or some general distate from this move on your part. I switched DAW's, started using VST's, new sequencers, plugins and said good bye to Reason, Record, and Propellerheads.

I refuse to buy the new Reason upgrade, because I bought Record to work with audio in Reason.

Propellerheads, why did I buy Record, when you were going to incorporate all those features into the next Reason???? What's your, 'reason?'

Dis-satisfied customer,

Matt S.