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Originally Posted by Mathmatech View Post

Missing a "pwyc" promo is worse, so now your telling me that depending when I bought Record, I would've had Reason 6 for $1. Giving me the hard sell for $220 (CAD) does not make me want to become a Reason user again, after feeling like I spent money on a product I don't need.
I think a little perspective is in order here.

You have Record, and I assume Reason 5 as well? And they still function, correct? So you have access to all those features. The programs don't stop working just because a new version is released. If you needed the features that Record has, well, then, you spent money on a product you did need. The only thing that has changed is that all those features, plus some more besides, are included in Reason 6, and 6.5 allows you to buy Rack Extensions. And even if you missed out on the promotions, upgrading to Reason 6 from Reason5/Record is a lot cheaper than buying the program new. Why get angry about having that all get folded together into Reason 6? If you use Record, you're working with the same layout, more or less, that Reason 6 has, and if you use Record with Reason 5, you'll have all the instruments and devices of both programs when you run Record. Nothing about this makes you lose anything.

Reason 6 has been out for quite some time, now. For the last several months, the forums here have been abuzz over the 6.5 upgrade. We waited anxiously for it to happen, and now we wait for the next REs to get released.

So while most of us might have a little sympathy for you buying Record and then seeing it incorporated into Reason (I bought Record, so it happened to me), this is really old news as developments go. How you've missed the news all this time is unclear, since the Propellerhead site has been announcing these things as they happen, and sites that focus on electronic music creation have been spreading the news. At some point, this can't really be blamed on Propellerhead, and you have to bear some of the responsibility for keeping yourself informed.
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