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I said nothing about loss, Im upset that I bought a product that I will have no use for, no reason to upgrade, and could have just waited for the upgrade of Reason. So I felt shafted and taken advantage of.

I'm taking NO responsibility as you put it, for not reading the news on a companies site that made me feel that way. If you felt scammed by a company, would YOU visit their site for news updates? I have no idea when 6 came out, or had any idea about 6.5, if there was some sort of actual effort towards me from propellerheads, maybe I'd come back to see what new products they have been working on. I'm fine working with competitors if a company thinks it's my fault I lost trust and faith in them. Thats really what its about.

Also to cover your comment about 'spreading the news', good for them if they had publicity, anytime I seen the reason logo, it became awash in the many ad's a seen in my day, and more so had no interest to find out what was being advertised. Again, if you felt betrayed by a company you praised to all your friends and supported with your hard earned dollars, would you intentionally spend your time reading their ad's?

I made this post, because there was no 'customer support' link to be found, and I thought maybe they would be interested to know how their product choices made me feel as a lost customer. Maybe you can afford to spend money on software your not going to use, so good on you.