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Originally Posted by Mathmatech View Post
This is the first time making a comment for Propellerheads to see, but I've been upset from this since Reason 6 was first announced
Originally Posted by Mathmatech View Post
I'm taking NO responsibility as you put it, for not reading the news on a companies site that made me feel that way. If you felt scammed by a company, would YOU visit their site for news updates?.

Your complaint makes no sense whatsoever: your very first line is completely undermining your argument. You've apparantly been annoyed by having bought Record "since Reason 6 was first announced" - so you were well aware of information relating to Reason 6 when it was announced, you were obviously paying more than enough attention and will have been quite well aware of the PWYW upgrade at the time. It wasn't some kind of secret offer. It was in the newsletter several times, and was plastered on the front page of the website, and was mentioned in magazine articles, and was discussed thoroughly on the message boards.

So to start whining about it a year later and bitching at us just because you forgot to upgrade during the PWYW grace period, or generally couldn't be bothered at the time, is bang out of order.

If you felt scammed by a company, surely you would visit their site for news updates to find out if there was anything you could do about it?
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