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Originally Posted by gandanga View Post
I finally got a major opportunity to work with a big artist from Maybach Music, so I wanted to make sure everything was updated - I updated both my OS-X and Reason. Guess what it started craishing, giving the worst latency ever and the vocals were clipping in the recordings - Either Apple let me down or reason has pushed the envelope to far by releasing a crappy version - and not a word from their Support site which I wrote to days ago !!! Thanks for letting me down when I most needed you !
A couple of things to note here. We're not working weekends so you sent the e-mail just when we disappeared from the office I'm afraid. Sorry about that! Secondly, we have not done enough testing on Mountain Lion to give a 100% official compatibility statement but all testing so far has been positive. As always with new OS releases though we recommend waiting until an official compatibility statement is released - this is also true for hardware so if you have an external audio interface, that might be the cause too!

Latency and, in particular, clipping vocals most often aren't caused by any kind of incompatibility or bug but by "bad" settings on audio hardware and in the software. Have you tried to change the buffer size in the Audio preferences in Reason? If you did a full re-install it might've reset.

Regarding the clipping, actual clipping can only happen if the gain is turned up to loud in our out of your system. However, pops and clicks might occur if you're having computer issues (for example high DSP usage) so if it's the latter it might be something with 6.5 and 10.8. Please include info about how it sounded when in touch with support!