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Originally Posted by beefjerky26 View Post
So I'm new to the SSL Mixer concept, with the 14:2 already used for subbing and such, how does this big mixing desk fit in? I'm confused, does the SSL connect with the whole reason paradigm of patching, or was it grafted on from record, and can be thought of as a separate metaphor for the tracks? In short, how does the 14:2, and everything else for that matter route to the SSL? I don't get how inserts are used with the ssl, when they can already be used with the 14:2 mixer. Is it just an extra place to put inserts?

Thanks for any replies.
The SSL is the 'final mixer' in the studio, and the others like the 14:2 are 'sub-mixers' off to the side (if you will). Everything eventually makes it's way through the big mixer (SSL), unless you really prefer the 14:2 (you can always patch the 14:2 direct to the hardware interface if you don't like the SSL for some reason).

The SSL has patching like other devices, even has CV inputs like the 14:2 and it's dynamics section has side-chain inputs and a CV gain reduction output. Also there are inserts and direct outputs, so yes the SSL DOES connect with the whole Reason paradigm of patching. ;-)

There are no inserts on the 14:2 mixer, btw. They are not the same thing as patching an instrument before the input of the mixer channel. In the SSL, the insert can be moved before or after the EQ/Dynamics, and can be bypassed for A/B (handy for longer insert chains with multiple devices). :-)
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