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Originally Posted by Anomecron View Post
Great track - beautiful slow burn crescendo to the arrangement to.
Personally the vocal sounds a tad reedy to me in the beginning of the song - once it kicks up a notch with the vocal doubling it comes up aces though.
It's upfront enough but I'd concur the single line vocals are tracks a little to dry for my liking also. If that makes any sense ?
Some really wonderful elements working together in the track though I must say.
Fantastic work, vocals are not an easy thing to do well IMHO so i tip my hat to you.
Thanks, I always seem to have trouble with vocal levels for some reason. In past songs I've been told that my vocals were too loud, now they are often to soft. Still trying to find that happy sweet spot. It would probably help if my songs were a little simpler but that's just what I got myself into after writing it. I might try more delays and reverb in the verses for a more "atmospheric" feel in contrast to the other sections of the song.
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