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Exclamation RCX-1030's Big Boot Sale

I'm selling some stuff on eBay.
UK only btw but ask anyway if it's a small item. Suffolk & Essex border if pick up only.
Hope someone finds something useful, and I hope peeps don't mind this thread.

The catergories/items will range from ;

Home Hi-Fi stuff (all owned solely by me and in good working order with free leads etc).
Classical Music CD collections (possible bulk purchase's by label/composer)
Clocks (mostly modern electric RC).
Watches (some classic 80s Casio's).
Game Consoles (Nintendo/Sega/Sony/).
Home Tech etc.
Hand held mini games and general geek stuff.

Watch this space and I'll try and edit this post with items for sale.
If you see something here and you're a registered user then PM me and you will get priority (with a free river trip and a cup of tea if it's a collect only item ).
Anyways it's all about charity matey's so...
Thanks for reading
Items currently listed ;

Good luck if you're bidding, PM me with any queries, I can only register 10 items a month so I will try and update this thread.

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