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Reason 7 (lets clean house)

I would like to see the half rack devices updated. New GUI and features and remove some of the out-dated devices.

I would like to see the delay turn into a double delay line. Two side by side delays with separate parameters, panning and volume.

Lets make the cv and audio merger and splitter feature more routing choices and double the size.

Remove the Comp-01, PEQ-2, D-11, and RV-7.

Please update the sound of Scream4. It needs a better models. Also foldback distortion could easily go here. Nothing but harsh sounds when some of the settings should sound smooth. Tape and Tube for example. And the parameters should be clearer. I would also like to see the Scream updated to a dual module. Left and Right or chained in series.

I would like to see you get more collaboration with the stock devices. Let Lexicon turn the RV-7000 into the LX-8000. Selectable style (Plate, Room, Chamber, Hall) and programmer for deep editing with quick edit knobs on the main interface. I have to say I'm not a fan of the reverbs in Reason.

REMOVE THE MASTERING SUITE!!! It's terrible considering IMO. Get Massenburg to do an Eq for you. You just need a standard parametric eq. Then all you need is to add a "mastering mode" that has gental curves like the eq4 setting in Sonnox Eq. Mastering Mode should change the color of the GUI. Add a multi band compressor for people that need that crutch. Then just switch the Maximizer for a real Limiter.

Things that I never want to see changed: The mixer! and the NN-XT.