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Upgrade Kong & Redrum

Kong and Redrum should be a two headed drum beast!

Kong: Needs thors osc,lfo and filters for real drums synthesis,what it has now is a joke!

Redrum: Needs a link button to connect patterns(once A1 stops at 64 step then A2 kick in with 64 more steps and so on,then bank B.

It would be cool if you could click on a step and drag up or down for pitch,this would eliminate the need to create another drum channel with a higher or lower pitched kick or trying to automate if in the sequencer(good luck with that with each note). Right clicking should bring up an automation window for each step like gate,roll,velocity,volume,flam,reverse etc... In ultrabeat being able to automate the sustain and gate of each note lets you go hard with the low tones with out them clashing(when one kick comes in the other stops).

The drums are the backbone of most DAWs just as it is in music,people are paying over $200 for Motu BPM that's half the cost of Reason! If you add better sampling editing and recycle integration you got %90 of the HIP HOP market!
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