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re-new the old devices and let reason use the devices in legacy mode. so you can have booth...old school sound like r1 and the modern sound like r7 don´t forget the small eq is older than 10 years and it´s time to say good bye. these are now vintage devices.

engineers need good working edit tools like audio quanti. and a good working sample editor. a full automatic delay compensation for live recording sessions. the delay compensation in reason is crap and unusable for a drum recording session. i dont like to calculate the latency for a recording session. hello we have 2012 and not 1999.

for engineers is reason a toy for kids not for pros....PH let reason grow up at the upcoming version.

all other daws have the most important features for recording sessions. PH heare what the users want or will lost them in the future because many other daws like cubase, dp7, fl10 etc will giving them the arsenal of tools what they need to record and produce professional tracks.