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Originally Posted by reasoner498 View Post
Well, I think it sounds good...

...except for that white noise.
Heheh thanks man. I am considering pulling the white noise back a little bit, tho I am hesitant to remove it completely.

Originally Posted by JpPropellaed View Post
its a lovely sound PJ ' i have never been to China ' but your little tune took me there for just a brief moment 'walking over a small wooden bridge & gazing down at the fish swimming so freely , interesting concept ' water /White noise from a distance look forward to hearing full track !
Thanks dude, I've never been to China either, wasn't even thinking of it at all, but I guess somehow I evoked that feel accidentally.. works for me! Glad you like.

Originally Posted by Lunesis View Post
I'm glad you kept your promise to keep writing tracks that make the listener need to pee.
Heheheh I must comply!

Originally Posted by CameronHood View Post
Love the complexity of the sounds. Kinda agree with Tincture on the sound cloud comment - tempted to remove the white noise to enjoy it more. I like the concept.
Thanks dude, you may get your wish, or at least the white noise will likely be pulled back a bit, it does seem to overtake the whole mix a little too much.

Originally Posted by stratatonic View Post
I peed while listening to it.

But it might have been the beer...

I like the piece, but isn't it a little fast for a meditation?...

Hmmm maybe that's why I like it...
Heheh thanks yo, I do have a slight problem trying to go ambient or meditative, I tend to make things too complex. Glad you like!

Originally Posted by moofi View Post
scrubbely dubbely doo
LOL, thanks for listening

Originally Posted by moneyMAN1 View Post
I like it. Good work!
Thanks mon! 'preciate it.

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