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Unhappy New User - Guitar Effects

I have taken several months since getting reasons essentials to get all the hardware setup and have kind of figured out how to navigate around. The set up was pretty smooth. But as I didn't know anything about using an actual mixer before I bought Reason Essentionals with a Balance interface. So after getting the software going, I realized it's really not the right software if you didn't know anyting about mixers before hand. But now we're here. And the mic works and the midi keyboard works; and the guitar kind of works, in that a signal goes in and comes out and sounds like the guitar. No buttons in the FX section of the mixer affect the sound of the guitar. I've watched all the tutorials and looked at the documentation. What combination of the very very many buttons in the mixer causes the sound of the guitar to change? It's extremely frustrating as everything seems to go according to the book, except the sound does not chaange. Thanks. Paul