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Reason Crashing when i try to export... help!!!!

so i jump on to reason one day, work on a record, try to export it crashes.... ( now i recently recorved files from an old hard drive on to a brand new hard drive but i doubt that has anything to do with my problem.) i opened a new session and just tried exporting with no audio or work done... crashed, i tried closing all programs restart my computer..... crashed... so, i know that there is soemthing very wrong.. i need help... im running a i7 2Ghz, 8gigs ram, on OSX 10.7.4, i ve got protools installed. and thats bout it.. i recently downloaded a malware program ( just saying ) and yeah... i dont know what to do i havent tried re installing reason. and im on reason 6.5.1 any help would be greatly appreciated.