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Originally Posted by godinman6 View Post
ok would rather do it through midi do you guys know how i would go about it? i am a little confused
first you'll have to make sure your MIDI interface and the signal going from your kit through the interface and to the computer is actually set up properly, so your computer can recognize the MIDI. you'll have to refer to your computer, MIDI interface, and electronic kit instructions in order to set them up.

then you've got to make sure your kit is sending information on the proper MIDI channel (the one that Reason is using - I think it defaults to channel 1 - your kit probably does too, so this is likely a non-issue).

then you'll have to figure out which sound module you want to use in reason (i.e. do you want a Redrum kit? Kong? an NNXT kit?). you'll have to make sure that your kit is set up so that the notes (pads) you're hitting are triggering the appropriate samples in whichever sound module you're using. if you're using the Reason Drum Kits 2.0 Refill, that should be pretty easy, since nearly everything should be mapped out accurately already. I've only ever dealt with RDK 2.0 though, so I can't really tell you how easy it is to set up a Redrum or Kong module for this.

like any complex piece of software, setup is often the most difficult part, but once you get it done, you shouldn't have to worry about it again.

not sure if that helps, but I hope it does! good luck!