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Question Wav audio out of sync when.....

Hi all,

I am working with some audio (stems) to make a remix from an original pop song. The stems are in the wav format.
When I imported them into Reason(6), all loops loaded up the following Positions:

Lead Vocals:

they sound in sync as the original pop song but, when I am trying to import other wav sounds into the mix, such as a drums, piano, horns, etc., the new imported audio(s) goes out of sync because the new audio goes to 2.0.0 bars.

I have tried the bounce method:

Disable stretch
Bounce clip to new recording
Delete unwanted audios
Enable time stretch

But not luck at all. Also I have tried the Bars (1/16, 1/32, 1/64, etc) when importing the new audio and nothing.

If I bring the original wav audios (from the pop song) into ReCycle and set the bars (length) in order to get the right tempo and save them as Rex files, it does not give the right tempo, for example:
if I set the Drums in 16 Bars the tempo goes to 16.985 BPM

How to get the original wav (stems) to be set at 2.0.0 bars to work well with the audio that I want to import or how to get the imported wav audio to work in sync with the original wav stems?

Any suggestions?

Thank you