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Im surprised there hasnt been more discussion, positive or negative about this RE.
For better or worse its the best synth RE we'll probably see for a long time.
Im not blown away, but imo its a huge improvement over Thor's VA sound.

I have read a couple of comments where people lament that it cant "do" anything Thor can't. But to my mind it isnt a matter of bells and whistles as much as SQ.

If you simply load up a saw and a 24 db LPF with a bit of res on both predator and Thor, sweep the filter atound and compare them, to me its significant if not night and day. The sound of the oscillator itself is a bit more open and relaxed and the filter is far closer to analog synths I have worked with imo. (although doesnt quite match DIVA or DCAM)
I find the reverb on Predator disappointing, however there are some wicked new RE's that make up for that.

So for straight VA i find Predator a valuable addition. Thor's PPG-like wavetable module is very nice and I think offers more workable waveforms than most of the spectral ones in Predator though.

Compared to what else is available in Reason I give it 4 stars (all othes being 3 or below). Compared to whats available outside of reason Id have to go with 3-3.5 unfortunately (which is saying something I guess, about how I feel about Reasons synthesis capabilities overall).

What do others think?

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