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Originally Posted by smhillis View Post
I was contemplating sending my mix to a professional mastering engineer but I am taking it upon myself to dig deeper into the mastering myself. I keep finding new things I can do to make my mix sound more professional like noise reduction, hiss removal etc.. At this point I think I might do it myself and save hundreds of dollars. I was wondering if anyone else has taken this approach and can give me some more tips on what exactly a mastering engineer would do to my mix? I'm scared that if I used a pro they would charge me a lot and then just turn up the volume or something.
Not really. A good Mastering engineer has a totally different set of HiFi gears at his disposal. Ever heard of HD separation? Its used by top MEs. Ok the point is this: if you're after that 'produced' sound and seek commercial success you should have your songs mastered by a pro. That said, you should concentrate on 'perfecting' your mix. Focus on submitting a well crafted and balanced mix to a good ME and see. You can check out Bernie Grundman mastering and also Brian Gardner. Mayn't cost you so much if you aim to release your album internationally. Check their credits. Good mastering makes a clear difference. Thank you.
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