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Virtual Studio Control (VSC) Technology

To: The Board of Directors, Staff and Associates
From: Rev. Frank Paul Jones
RE: Network and DAW (VSC) Technology Design
RE: Virtual Studio Control (VSC) Technology Design Applications

Date: 1 September 2012

Open Letter:

We at the NCNCHINC have a need for a unique and powerful communications system, that is cost effective. We have a need for Cisco System Technology embedded in DAW technology at multi levels. But like all things worth having sometimes it takes time and effort to accomplish the goal of a secure and high tech communications system.

We will use the information I am gaining as well as some of our associates plan to gain information about Information Technology (IT) at South Florida State College. We will have Comcast setup a business cable installation. We will therefore have access to the World Wide Web (WWW), telephone and cable television at the Blue Temple Building. This is just the beginning because then comes our ability to apply Information Technology (IT).

Being that my understanding of network fundamentals is basic, my level of elaboration will be simplistic, but it is the idea and vision that is being described that is my actual query. As this is more a question than answer manuscript.

As the cable enters the building at a secured location we will setup a router, with 8 ports for plenty of high secured communications. This will also be used to create a LAN (local area network). We will have wireless capabilities using encryption software. As wireless communications do have risks, we will have to accept the compromise to be cost effective with our LAN design. Using Windows OS on all computers and a server, we will design a network to share files within the recording studios, newspaper and conference room, to homes around the country.

What we plan to do that is so unique is to setup a WAN network between New York City and Florida, to allow for the production of material in New York to be produced in Florida in real time and visa versa, by allowing the control of a computer from one location to control another computer at the Blue Temple, such as Gambino and Jones studios in Florida. This will be a template for the protocol we will use nationwide to work with artists around the world.

This will be a new and total experience of music sharing at the business level of music. Because this is a network, we will also have other capabilities from the Blue Temple such as security and surveillance, teleconferencing to make daily business decisions, shared web bogging, secured IP phone communications and much more, not to forget basic file sharing.

This will allow for a system designed to integrate the Organization across state and international borders. This is a new technology for the basic end user with a moderate budget. This is a new technology of file sharing business music files whereby copyrights is still an issue. Therefore this is a trade secret at local level, but the technology has to be shared at a broad base of consumers to be cost effective. This new technology calls for accommodating DAW technology.

Propellerhead Reason 6.5 started something that can transcend into a springboard to moving this new technology forward and to the forefront of how DAW technology will be used to do real time distant collaborations between two or more artists. Rack Extension Technology use in Reason 6.5 requires Internet connections is some cases, whereby the information comes from a server at Propellerhead.

Such a service could be offered by DAW software giants, whereby a server could be setup and shared at a moderate cost, then we would be able to somewhat rent these services and Rack Extensions used in such projects in collaborations across state lines. The idea is to borrow devices and effects to master a collaboration project, from two separate and distinct locations on the globe. This could be called virtual studio control technology or VSC Technology.

To: The Board of Directors, Staff and Associates
From: Rev. Frank Paul Jones
RE: Virtual Studio Control (VSC) Technology Design Applications
Date: 1 September 2012

This is a continuation of Network and DAW (VSC) Technology Design, which briefly introduced a new way of using an Internetwork made up of LANs and WANs. We would use a TSP (telecommunications service provider) for a private WAN from out of Avon Park, FL, to act as a artery that will be spiked into at the local home studios around the country and New York City.

This technology will be in high demand for many professional producers and serious hobbyist alike. This will require a Host and Slave program sort of like the technology behind Rewire Technology. However, unlike Rewire technology whereby the Host and Slave is installed in the same computer, for example Cubase 4 studio and Reason 5, whereby Cubase is the Host program and Reason is the Slave both being installed in the same computer. VSC Technology integrates two computers whereby one acts as the Host and the other a Slave by voluntary submission becoming one thru shared files using a server.

This will require a Host program to exist which as of the time of this writing does not exist. VSC Technology has to be a standard protocol that can be universally implemented. In the case of Propellerhead Reason 7 can offer a major breakthrough whereby Reason 7 Producer can act as a Host program as well as a slave, Reason 6 Studio for about a third of the price can act as a Slave. Reason 7 Producer and Studio will need a specially designed audio interface to carry out these tasks?

Also the Producer program will come with an account to enable access to the server that allows VSC Technology to operate on real time. The setup can be complex or simple, from additional services like video monitoring whereby the two studios can see each other as the talk using web cams to simple computer manipulations from a remote location.

This technology can create jobs for people who are talented but not accessible in person. It allows more security for high profile celebrities, because now they can collaborate with many more producers and writers who would have never normally had access to these people because they will never have to leave their homes.

The process as to how this will work or elements of communications are straightforward, basically both the Host and Slave will sign on to a server to become connected at a Propellerhead location in different cities using Internet connections. The audio interfaces will have a special router built into them that allows VSC technology to communicate. Or there could be an industry standard router with VSC Technology embedded. This could be manufactured by Cisco Systems.

If we create a standard router with VSC technology, then all the DAW industry can join in on the idea of using severs to connect two distinct computers into their programs by designing Host and Slave VSC Technology programs. rather the technology is in a router of audio interface it should be a Cisco System Design and DAW industry software application.