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Reason's Competitive Advantages (besides cost)


Often when people praise Reason from a competitive standpoint it comes down to all the widgets you get for the price, the "one stop shop" factor. Or how you can (arguably) do what you can do with other DAW's and plugs for a fraction of the cost.

Fair enough.

But aside from this, from a creative standpoint, what does Reaaon offer that is truly unique? In other words, why might someone who can afford to an entire setup in another DAW use Reason instead of or in addition to some other fully stocked solution?

The first thing that comes to mind is the CV's. As a creative tool, they are pretty cool. Stability is often touted. But thats sort of "meh" from a creative standpoint. Undo's? Ok...

After that, i start to get fuzzy.

If you worked for Props' marketing dept, what would you tell me?