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Lightbulb Make a ReCycle RE!

Release a ReCycle RE in the Propellerhead Shop for a reasonable price (30-100 €). This is 2012, I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks 220 € is ridiculous ESPECIALLY if you already own Reason. (You can keep the standalone version as it is but a special price for Reason users in the form of a RE version would be nice.)

All people who already own a registered version of ReCycle would get a free download of the ReCycle RE.

That way everybody's happy. Nobody gets angry:
  • Propellerhead would make a ton of money because many (if not most) Reason users would finally get ReCycle. Right now it costs twice as much as Reason Essentials!
  • Reason users who already paid good money for the standalone version of ReCycle would get to download the RE version for free so no worries here as well. Free stuff is always nice and I'm sure most Reason+ReCycle users would appreciate the Reason integration.
  • Studios and professional users who don't use Reason as their main DAW can still pay 200 € for the standalone version of ReCycle. That'll teach them!

Please make it happen. I know I would buy it!