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Unhappy Triggering FX at a certain CV threshold

Hi there,

I'm trying to set up my mod wheel (or any controller or automation input really) so that certain things happen at a certain CV thresholds. For example, inside a combinator I want to make it so that when the ModWheel value hits 100, a bypassed effect becomes active, and then at 110, it can turn off again.

Any anyone think of way to set up a Combinator or a routing set-up where I can turn one controller fluidly and along the way through the CV values different things can be triggered? I can set up the Combinator now so that the Modwheel changes things as I increase values, but it's not under my control really. For example, if I map it to the bypass/on/off switch of an fx unit, it will divide up the 3 options and cycle through them. I'd like it to do nothing from 25-100, then move to 'on', then at 120 move to bypass, but never go to 'off' no matter where I put it. Same idea if I'm switching the filter types of Thor on the fly. I want two of the filter types, the others should be skipped. Ideas?
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