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Hi there,

I'm trying to set up my mod wheel (or any controller or automation input really) so that certain things happen at a certain CV thresholds. For example, inside a combinator I want to make it so that when the ModWheel value hits 100, a bypassed effect becomes active, and then at 110, it can turn off again.

Any anyone think of way to set up a Combinator or a routing set-up where I can turn one controller fluidly and along the way through the CV values different things can be triggered? I can set up the Combinator now so that the Modwheel changes things as I increase values, but it's not under my control really. For example, if I map it to the bypass/on/off switch of an fx unit, it will divide up the 3 options and cycle through them. I'd like it to do nothing from 25-100, then move to 'on', then at 120 move to bypass, but never go to 'off' no matter where I put it. Same idea if I'm switching the filter types of Thor on the fly. I want two of the filter types, the others should be skipped. Ideas?
I've built "threshold switchers/selectors" with Thor and a Combinator, where you can choose the CV value where the switch/selector kicks in. Building what you suggest would be even more complex. The issue with my approach is that you use a CV for each threshold. You'd have a max of four thresholds in a Combinator, which would only account for four 'switches' total, two if you need an "on" and an "off" value.

These Combinators are setup to switch audio paths, allowing you to re-route audio based on a CV input hitting a specific value. You'll have to dig in deep to figure out what I've done here, and then modify them to work for what you have in mind.

With that in mind, I'm happy to provide them "as is" and see if you can get something out of them!
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