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Originally Posted by Fozzah View Post
I would definitely like a spectrum analyser, it allows reason users to be able to mix in a non perfect mixing environment. Anyone think of any ways we can make this a possibility?
I've been using one for years, but never for mixing/mastering (mainly for testing or for identifying specific isolated frequencies like feedback, sibilance, etc). Once you learn the frequencies, you'll probably find you don't need one anymore!

If you DO need one, there are free ones everywhere. And if you REALLY need one, you're probably already using one. Adding one to Reason would just make the workflow a little easier for those already using them, and it would be a great addition for the most part (if you don't expect too much).

Just don't expect your mixes to suddenly sound 'perfect' when using one - however, if you really think you need one, you can use the ones that are already available today and see if they make an improvement in your mixes!

I would expect this to be one of those 'no-brainer' additions to the Reason mixer, if just for the 'eye candy' factor! ;-)
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