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Post ReCycle improvements...

some of these are badly need in my opinion.

these are mostly workflow improvements.

I would like to:

1) be able to set the "ruler" to beats or samples as a default preference

2) be able to add slices at 1/8 notes or 1/4 notes - why just 1/16 notes?

3) be able to add "fades" - like in the comping section of reason at slice markers - in material with many long notes you might want to make some slices but unless these are at zero crossings you get an audible result most of the time! a micro fade on both sides of the cut might just alleviate this!

Lastly and least importantly:

4) why is the beats box a drop down menu when the bars box is an editable box? in order to get friendly tempos i sometimes have to set this at 0 bars - and 2 beats - rather than one bar.just a little bug bear!

Anyone else want to see improvements to recycle?
(without the obvious - we would all love to see it inside reason..)