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Talking Is this what they call that "Reason sound"???

New tune released today mixed entirely in Reason, all vocal edits and processes done in Reason.

It's actually a remix of a Barry Manilow track for a competition, so if you like it, then please be kind enough to cast a vote in it's direction. You can log in to vote via Facebook to vote, and you can also hit skip, when it asks for various permissions in FB, and it will still let you vote.

Sorry if the title is a little misleading, but I thought that it might get more views. Also no matter what way you look at it the thread title is valid. This was done in Reason to a very large extent.

Many thanks
"I decided to call my music 'organized sound' and myself, not a musician but 'a worker in rhythms, frequencies, and intensities'”
Edgard Varèse 1962

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