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Lol thank you guys. I have my plate full at work for the next few days. Will get back to the track and these comments later. I just love all the different comments about mixing especially maybe panning the instruments too much.

Base is for me about moderation too much and it becomes too prominent. Im not looking for a base war. Will look into it though with also a balance on drums like snare.

Eh, The singing comments are expected. It's a work in progress for me. Nothing bad about that. I noted the pitch problems afterwards and felt embarrased. It's something to build on and I love challenge. Gotta go through my singing practices again as this is what happens when you are learning.

Thanks a heap for all the constructive comments pointing at precise elements. Really dig the concerted effort you guys made.


@ guitfiniky. Good luck on your singing. I highly regard people who challenge themselves beyond the norm.

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