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Originally Posted by xmofficial View Post
It should work under a virtual machine like vmware's player or virtualbox? never tried Reason under it -- but I dont see why it wouldn't work
Work, yes usable no. You'd need an absolute beast of a machine to pull this off. I'm also pretty certain that the audio out would buckle as it's not built for latency compensation. And to be fair Linux audio support isn't all that awesome, sure there's support for most generic drivers but pro cards?

It is a beautiful idea. I would dearly love to see Reason running in Linux, but under wine I think it would function as nothing more than a gimmick and wouldn't be seriously useable.

There are a lot of threads relating to Reason in Linux too, most of the props that have commented have stated that the issues lie with no concise UI (yes, there's QT, GTK+, EFL and FLTK to name a few), but to get the full power that is reason to function props would either need to heavily customise an existing interface or create their own UI API. Then there's the issue with sound cards.
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