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Lightbulb Updated M-Class Suite

I think it’s time for an updated M-Class suite including a metering bridge. Yeah, we have the SSL, but I do love the modular way the M-Class is made. It’s just not up to standard in my opinion anymore and also lacks some features. I’d like to see for example:

1) 8 Band paragraphic EQ with large display (OK, I probably have said this a million times already ) including high and low pass, high and low shelf and the usual parameters like frequency, gain & Q and a high and low cut with adjustable curve. To be able to adjust the frequencies directly within the paragraphic display with the mouse would be a bonus!

2) Master compressor, single band. Yes we have that already, so I’m currently not really lacking anything in this department, since I also own the FET compressor, I’m happy enough with the available choices. A better soft knee algorithm wouldn’t hurt though J

3) Multiband compressor, ideally 4 bands. I have no particular wishes here, only a decent curved crossover with freely movable frequency dividers and the usual controls which are found on the current M-Class compressor. The side chain should be retained of course.

4) Stereo imager with more frequency bands, four would be great, if the multiband compressor has four as well that is. And the X-over frequencies should not be limited to 100Hz and 6KHz respectively but let’s say between 30Hz and 20KHz.

5) Loudness Maximizer with more algorithmic choices (soft, transparent, brickwall etc.). I have no real gripe with the current M-Class maximizer but I do think a bit more flexibility would not hurt. Again, the Ozone one is out there but it’s not my tool of choice here. The 4ms look ahead is very useful and should be retained.

6) Proper metering! As has been asked many times, the spectrum analyser is a must! A proper vector scope as well. The metering itself is well implemented but a “before” & “after” comparison meter would be very useful, if possible in peak and VU mode.

7) I don’t think an enhancer is required since there are plenty of ways to achieve something similar, but if provided I would not say no J
This all of course should be modular, (e.g. separate devises) so that you can use the individual devises within the rack.

One thing I notice becomes more and more rare these days is the little input meter on each effect devise left upper corner. I found this always very useful as it showed me quickly and easily if the input levels are OK. I would like to see this nifty little feature again more often and should be also present on the updated mastering suite.

Now enough of my rambling, nuff said J