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Hey Beerski. I've said it before and I'll say it again - good work!

Really like what you've done with these compositions. Impressive stuff and it's clear you've spent some time working on them, which comes across in the finished product. I wouldn't worry about the 'artificial' nature of the samples you're using - they actually sound fine for the most part; sure there's room to improve them but it's not a big issue as the arrangements themselves are solid.

My only suggestions would be:

- Maybe add slightly longer 'tails' to some of the notes (e.g. using reverb or simply drawing in longer notes), particularly on the strings, to help them sound more natural: they're slightly too quantized and regimented in places.

- Maybe add some additional layers to give the impression of a full orchestra, particularly during the crescendos (even if it means duplicating some of the existing instruments and placing them in different 'spaces' within the mix).

... but these are minor issues. The mixes are great and sound sweet on headphones.

Keep 'em coming.
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