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My thoughts on Shelob RE

I just bought JP Shelob and for the money it is a fantastic utility device. I just love it! Some people may wonder if it will replace the Spider Audio Merger and Splitter device. Well, here is my insight. I replace two of my Spider Audios that I have setup up on 16 drum mix channels with one Shelob each. Well, there was a 2 bar DSP meter gain with the song in the stop position which might not sound like much but it really is, to me at least. So with that said, for me, Shelob doesn't completely eliminate the use of the Spider Audio Merger and Splitter. Not to say that was his intentions. Im not going to be able to use Shelob on every signal track like I would with the Spider Audio and not have to worry about CPU strains. But I still wouldn't hesitate to buy this product. I think it's a must have utility device. And I definitely can't wait until JP drops his other utility devices. I bet they're going to be spectacular!