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Smile Finished Album by Rankine Star


I wanted to share with you all my finished album. The songs are all complete and free to download. I used Reason 5 and combined it with Adobe Audition. The use of both of these packages, allowed some interesting effects by layering, most notably Panning effects.

My biggest success to music has been in "audio techniques" not raw files. The effect of "head banging" and rocking is all about panning, not about the notes or chords themselves.

The CD has the following featured singles and I am in the process of sharing my files with Interscope, Atlantic, Warner and a few others.

Rankine Star - Mister Superstar


The Antichrist
Reason, I Breathe
The Metal Child
Dark Hat
Comfortable Razor

If you would like to learn, contact me and I can send you a Published Reason file.

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